Executive Coaching Dubai


Dr. Corrie is one of the smartest thinkers I know. This is exactly
why the CEO’s of some of the world’s leading brand names turn to him
routinely to have his knowledge and expertise.

– Dave Crane, Award Winning International Speaker

Business Coach in Dubai

Business Coach Dubai is essential for all top-end players in top comoanies. All top-end players in every industry have coaches who can learn leadership skills by Dr. Corrie Block. You’re getting a coach because you know you’re talented, and coaching is what develops top talent into business Olympians. During your executive coaching dubai sessions, Dr. Corrie will take a holistic view of your lifelong learning, your leadership development, and your career trajectory, to help you design your life in a more meaningful and powerful way.

Dr. Corrie has been coaching me for almost three years now. His
ability to find your strengths and to identify area for improvement
is impressive. This man is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and
professional. My business has been changed from a burnout
level to something extraordinary by his advice and support.
Besides being passionate and disciplined, he is supportive and
an excellent human being. Dr Corrie is your first choice if you
want to significantly improve your or your organization’s
performance and behavior.

– Dr. Mozhgan Sayyad, OBGYN

Dr. Sayyad was looking for a business coach in Dubai for small business owners. She came to Dr. Corrie with tremendous expertise and a wealth of awards in her profession, but no clue how to grow a business or curate her own personal brand. Dr. Corrie led her though these challenges, and covered not only the business coaching side, but helped her to find deeper meaning in her life as a holistic leader in the healthcare community.

So if you’re looking for a business coach in Dubai for small business owners, you’ve come to the right place for help. Dr. Corrie has started 5 successful (and 2 unsuccessful) businesses of his own, and has been a business coach in Dubai for dozens of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Right now he’s working with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them avoid start-up pitfalls and maximise their success opportunities.

It’s easy to find a coach, but it’s tough to find expert coaching for business owners. So if you’re looking for either personal or business owner coaching, connect with Dr. Corrie to experience for yourself the best business coach Dubai has available.

Dr Corrie is the utmost engaged, dedicated, knowledgeable and
proactive business coach I have ever had a chance to work in
my long business career till date.

– Marianna Rheuben, CEO Bizzmosis Group

Executive Coaching Dubai

All great athletes have coaches, including executive athletes. You’re not here because you’re weak and want to be strong. You’re here because you’re talented and want to be exceptional. Why not partner with the best business coach Dubai has to offer? How much more powerful can you get with that kind of influence in your life?


Want to have more confidence in your role?

Want to develop your leadership or
communication skills?

Want to learn how to manage your
stress, anger, and anxiety?

Want to master your time and attention more effectively and efficiently?

Feel demotivated and looking to be inspired and focussed again?

Want to experience even greater success in your career, or make a change?

Want to address your imposter syndrome?

Dr Corrie is an excellent executive coach in Dubai. After 30+ years
in my business, it’s a rare joy for me to find someone that I can
learn something from that will truly make my work more effective
for my company and meaningful for me. Dr. Corrie helped to
expand my field of view to more clearly see the value and impact of
those around me, and raise my level of play in the executive leadership
game. I feel more powerful, more competent, and more inclusive in
my leadership as a result of my work with him. He is a great listener,
highly intelligent, direct, and incisive. I know that what is possible for
me in my career has expanded as a result of our working together,
and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any top level
executive looking for a coach.

– Hussam Bagdadi, Director, AW Rostamani Group

Hussam reached out for executive coaching Dubai, and found Dr. Corrie. In only six months, Hussam found a new paradigm for collaboration at work that helped him to not only value the challenges that frustrated him in his company culture, but to leverage the differences among the leaders in the organization for his, and his company’s, mutual strategic benefit.

Connect with Dr. Corrie for the best in executive coaching Dubai. His unique holistic coaching style and results-based approach has been the hallmark of his Dubai executive coaching practice. Dr. Corrie has coaching for business owners and coaching for business leaders. And since he’s perhaps the top business coach Dubai has produced, he is also called upon to serve clients from all over the world, including USA, UK, and South Africa. No matter where you are or what industry you’re in, whether for individual, leadership, or business owner coaching, Dr. Corrie’s executive coaching will help you to maximise your personal performance and career trajectory.

Corporate Coaching in Dubai

Whether for individual or group executive coaching Dubai or internationally, Dr. Corrie has coached top leaders from companies such as Microsoft, The United Nations, and SERCO. His Six Pillars of Executive Performance and Business is Personal paradigms are not only award winning programs and books, but the solid science-backed foundation upon which Dr. Corrie delivers his uniquely effective brand of corporate coaching in Dubai and to the world.

Corrie is a master of his leadership coaching craft and has a
uniquely personal, driving and motivational approach
that brings out the best in people to achieve results.

– Michelle Strydom, CEO, The SMG Group


Want to build more cohesion among your leaders?

Want to develop your leaders’ communication skills?

Want to help your busy managers learn to manage stress, anger, and anxiety?

Want to help your leaders master their time and attention more effectively and efficiently?

Want your leaders and executives to be inspired and focussed again?

Want to address imposter syndrome on your leadership team?

When the United Nations was looking for the best corporate coach Dubai had to offer, they found Dr. Corrie, and unleashed him on their latest cohort of leaders. His influence led to better strategic thinking and stronger collaboration between the leaders, ultimately benefitting the leaders as both individuals, and as members of a powerful and influential team.

Although he’s a business coach Dubai CEOs have trusted for more than a decade, Dr. Corrie has also provided global online and in-person corporate coaching for teams of managers and leaders in companies like Telia Company and Microsoft. No matter where your leaders are, or how many of them you have, Dr. Corrie is well-versed in online group corporate coaching, as well as individual corporate coaching for both performance and profit.

You see him, you see a brand. You speak to him for 5 minutes,
you have an idea of what he is and what he does. Speak to
him for 60 minutes, you have a bit of idea about your own self.

– R. Sachdeva

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to collaborate
with Corrie Block who is a global author, speaker and
acclaimed leadership coach.

– Gautham Gaglani, CEO & Founder, Right Selection Global Thought Leaders


An NLP certified business practitioner, 5x time entrepreneur and leading business coach and award winning business strategist, Dr. Corrie Block believes that “business is personal” and has providing executive coaching to hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders.

Business Coach Dubai In Forbes

Forbes, Entrepreneur and CEO Magazine featured, Dr. Corrie Block has dedicated his life to help people and companies discover their true purpose and leverage their unique talents to achieve massive success in their jobs. If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated and disengaged with your life or business, Dr. Corrie Block will lead you to clarity, focus and action.

Committed to your success and happiness, through your tailor-made coaching programme, Dr. Corrie Block will help you gain clarity on what you want – and just how you can achieve it. Dr. Corrie Block will work with you to help you overcome any fear or challenges that are standing in the way between you and your goals. With new motivation and support, you will feel confident to create the life you want.

A five-time successful business founder, Dr. Corrie Block is equal parts academic and practitioner, with a master’s in both Business
Administration & Global Leadership, a Doctorate in Business Administration and a UK PhD.

For rates and availability, contact [email protected], or fill out the form below.
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Hemal H. R. Mehta
Hemal H. R. Mehta


Dr. Corrie has been one of the best mentors that I have come across; well-read and widely knowledgeable. I had the pleasure of attending a skills enhancement and motivational workshop, which was pure learning and skill-upgrading experience. The teachings were pragmatic, simply put forward and were complemented with aplethora of a day-to-day-real-life business situation examples. The content was direct and easy! I look forward to this honor again.
Dr. M. Sayyad
Dr. M. Sayyad

Dr. Corrie is a professional, independent advisor who provides frank and honest advice that may be difficult to find by anyone else. During my time with him, I had really tough time in my career. Corrie helped me understand my strenghts and showed me areas of improvements. I learned how to engage with my staff, respect thm, and feel their feelings. I learned how to use opportunities in my transition time and how to evaluate all aspects of my career. Despite the fact that Corrie is really talented and educated, he coaches you in a way that makes you feel as though it's you who is thinking and solving the problems. It's really amazing for your confidence...I wish I had met him years earlier in my career life.
Ifran Tansel
Ifran Tansel


I came to Dr. Corrie as I was not sure what the future of automotive holds with autonomous vehicles coming into play. With his help, we completely re-evaluated the business and looked into how we can diversify our strategies and revenue streams to prepare for, what I believe, is an inevitable future of disruption.
L Terkawi

Participant in the Business is Personal Program

Almost 2 years after the amazing training with Dr. Corrie, I've achieved my most important targets! I lost 22kg of fat and gained 7kg of muscles, and I got an MBA in logistics and supply chain management!
Meiraj Hussain

Head of HR

I had pleasure of engaging Dr. Corrie Block as part of a rigorous selection process to develop and deliver leadership training at AI Masoood. Dr. Corrie delivered greate results and was inpiring and engaging throughout with excellent attendee feedback. I look forward to working with Dr. Corrie to deliver further training and mentoring at Al Masaood.
V Fredrick Leons

General Manager

An accomplished consultant & multi-talented person, (Corrie's) attention to detail, simplicity in delivering tailored programs commendable. I got introducted to him through a leadership program which transformed my values, goals so meaningful and purpose of life... Wherever & whoever he assists; it's an experience that lasts & ablissful opportunity. I strongly recommend(him). Engage him to keep your community engaged!!