Struggling to get the most from your team, despite buying the office pizza or a football table?
Are you nervous about the future of your company, the future of your job, or even your industry?
Want to reduce your operational times and cost, while improving your bottomline?

With years of experience, his method of teaching with live cases brought out the
best in all of us. No match to his energy, wit and thought provoking learnings most
of which I’m sure are going to stick with me for years to come. Fun, laughter,
learning and intellectual evolution all within the training, because hey! . . .
“business is personal”.

— A. Mohammed


A highly qualified expert featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CEO Magazine, with over two decades of working on over 100 companies including the World Bank, Council of Europe, Xische & Co., Al Masaood Automobiles and UAE Government entities, Dr. Corrie Block is an expert in creating leaders, employee engagement and creating strategies for organizations that are future-proofed for disruption.

From helping you understand the anatomy of companies, creating the brain chemical for happiness in your employees so that they are more engaged in their job, to preparing you for a future of disruptions, Dr. Corrie Block’s masterclasses are tailored for your organization to get the most impact.

To improving your operating costs, employee culture and your bottomline, hire Dr. Corrie Block for one or two day workshops, or ongoing courses for your senior leadership.



Are you wondering if there is a future for company or your industry? AI is already replacing doctors, pilots, lawyers. That’s not the future, that’s RIGHT NOW.

Many CEOs are stressed about the future of work, and so they should be: the horse had been our primary mode of transportation for over 5,500 years and it became entirely irrelevant in only 13 short years, after all.

Rather than creating redundancies, emerging technology can actually improve culture within organizations by carrying out mundane tasks so that your employees can focus on creative and complex tasks, rather than sitting through HOURS of paperwork.

In partnership with Xische, Dr. Corrie Block demystifies AI, disruptive technologies and helps companies prepare for Industry 4.0. In this personalised, industry-specific masterclass, Dr. Corrie will share actionable strategies to a future-proof blueprint. Contact us to find out more.

employee engagement expert
employee engagement expert


Recommended as the leading employee engagement in the region, Dr. Corrie Block shared his insights on Dubai Eye Radio Station; organizations should not look for ways to produce comfort, they should look for ways to produce MEANING.

Most of your employees’ decision making comes when the senior leadership is not looking – are they really motivated to do their work?

In this actionable course, Dr. Corrie Block works with the top management to increase employee engagement. Being able to produce the brain chemical Oxytocin on your team is profi table and results in a higher productivity when managers aren’t looking, improving your revenue and bottomline.


Wanting your organization and team to feel “alive” again? After hacking his own body and mind to adopt healthy habits, Spartan champion and 5x entrepreneur strategist Dr. Corrie Block has worked with hundred of leaders who want to become better in their career.

”It’s motivation that gets you to the start but discipline that gets you to the finish line.” Contact us to motivate your team with Dr. Corrie Block’s unique 40-21-4 formula by emailing [email protected] or filling out the form below.

employee engagement expert
Hemal H. R. Mehta
Hemal H. R. Mehta


Dr. Corrie has been one of the best mentors that I have come across; well-read and widely knowledgeable. I had the pleasure of attending a skills enhancement and motivational workshop, which was pure learning and skill-upgrading experience. The teachings were pragmatic, simply put forward and were complemented with aplethora of a day-to-day-real-life business situation examples. The content was direct and easy! I look forward to this honor again.
Dr. M. Sayyad
Dr. M. Sayyad

Dr. Corrie is a professional, independent advisor who provides frank and honest advice that may be difficult to find by anyone else. During my time with him, I had really tough time in my career. Corrie helped me understand my strenghts and showed me areas of improvements. I learned how to engage with my staff, respect thm, and feel their feelings. I learned how to use opportunities in my transition time and how to evaluate all aspects of my career. Despite the fact that Corrie is really talented and educated, he coaches you in a way that makes you feel as though it's you who is thinking and solving the problems. It's really amazing for your confidence...I wish I had met him years earlier in my career life.
Ifran Tansel
Ifran Tansel


I came to Dr. Corrie as I was not sure what the future of automotive holds with autonomous vehicles coming into play. With his help, we completely re-evaluated the business and looked into how we can diversify our strategies and revenue streams to prepare for, what I believe, is an inevitable future of disruption.
L Terkawi

Participant in the Business is Personal Program

Almost 2 years after the amazing training with Dr. Corrie, I've achieved my most important targets! I lost 22kg of fat and gained 7kg of muscles, and I got an MBA in logistics and supply chain management!
Meiraj Hussain

Head of HR

I had pleasure of engaging Dr. Corrie Block as part of a rigorous selection process to develop and deliver leadership training at AI Masoood. Dr. Corrie delivered greate results and was inpiring and engaging throughout with excellent attendee feedback. I look forward to working with Dr. Corrie to deliver further training and mentoring at Al Masaood.
V Fredrick Leons

General Manager

An accomplished consultant & multi-talented person, (Corrie's) attention to detail, simplicity in delivering tailored programs commendable. I got introducted to him through a leadership program which transformed my values, goals so meaningful and purpose of life... Wherever & whoever he assists; it's an experience that lasts & ablissful opportunity. I strongly recommend(him). Engage him to keep your community engaged!!

A five-time successful business founder, Dr. Corrie Block is equal parts academic and practitioner, with a master’s in Business
Administration & Global Leadership, a Doctorate in Business Administration and a UK PhD.

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