Business is Personal

Business is Personal is specifically for people who want to find meaning at work! Achieve fulfilment in your life by tapping into the evolutionary psychology of work and discovering your work life blend.

Business is Personal: A Blueprint for Unlocking Meaning at Work

After years of working in strategy and employee engagement, founding 7 companies of my own in media, education, consulting, and even textiles, and after working in more than a hundred companies as a strategist, I finally figured out the most profitable thing a company could do is to engage with their employees’ personal strategy. 

And I was running strategy and employee engagement programs for large companies like World Bank, ADNOC, Inifiniti, and Microsoft.


My client companies were totally transformed.

I achieved:

+19.7% improvements in leadership proficiency +18.0% improvement in management performance

+18.7% better corporate communications

+23.7% improvements in empowerment

+27.4% higher values-driven leadership

+22.2% improvements in personal life efficacy

The ROI on my executive coaching was more than 788%! But I was only training a few hundred employees a year. And there were literally millions of people that needed this information. I KNEW I COULD IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, I HAD TO MAKE THIS KNOWLEDGE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. So I wrote my notes and stories down. And I published the book to give the strategic advantage of meaningful work-life to EVERYONE that wanted it.

If you want to live a more meaningful life at work, recognize what has ALWAYS BEEN TRUE: Business is Personal.

This book is aimed for

A must-read for leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to understand the intersection of professional growth and personal development. Business is Personal presents an insightful guide for those aiming to navigate the complexities of the business world with integrity and authenticity. Business is Personal equips you to:

  • Integrating personal values and ethics into your business practices for sustainable success
  • Building meaningful relationships in the workplace to foster a supportive and productive environment
  • Strategies for personal resilience and mental wellness in the high-stakes business world
  • Techniques for personal growth and development that parallel your professional journey
  • Navigating the balance between personal life and professional ambitions for overall fulfillment

This book will teach you

Acquire the necessary tools to you to:

  • Enjoy your job
  • Connect with your work and your career in a meaningful way
  • Destroy the myth of work-life balance once and for all
  • Learn the revolutionary psychology of economic communities
  • Determine your vision and mission for your life
  • Discover the values that have neen driving your behavior for years already and align to them
  • Set valuable goals for yourself to drive your own performance
  • Curate a holistic life for yourself that respects and embraces your work

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Business is Personal

90% of people will work for 23% less lifetime earnings if they find their work meaningful, but those that find their work meaningful tend to get more opportunities for advancement in their careers, make more money, and even live a healthier, longer life! Those companies whose employees report meaningful work actually make 21% more profit as well. Everybody wins!

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Corrie’s unique approach

Dr. Corrie Block is a globally acclaimed business strategist, and the celebrated author of several books including Love@Work, Business is Personal, and Spartan CEO.

Having started out as a serial entrepreneur, failing forward, and overcoming bankruptcy (twice), his aim is to help millions of people find meaning at work, and connect their personal purpose to their daily attitudes and behaviours, in order to lead people to change their lives and live their dreams.