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Dr. Corrie Block focuses on transforming managers into visionary leaders. Participants are equipped with the tools and insights needed to inspire teams, drive innovation, and navigate complex business landscapes. Through a blend of cutting-edge research, practical strategies, and personal development, Dr. Block prepares leaders to effectively address challenges, leverage opportunities, and foster a culture of excellence within their organizations.

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Six Pillars of Executive Performance

This science backed and story driven program explores a holistic framework that elevates leaders not just to lead but to inspire. It dives into executive fitness, confidence, discipline, connection, rest, and competition, offering a comprehensive view of how these elements collectively shape a resilient and high-performing leader. This training is perfect for executives and professionals aiming to foster a culture of well-rounded leadership excellence and sustainable optimum performance.

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Business is Personal

Is a transformative program designed to revolutionize workplace culture and discretionary effort by introducing a new layer of meaning at work. It artfully blends strategic principles with a human-centric approach based in evolutionary psychology and neuroscience, emphasizing the synergy between personal visions and corporate missions. A roadmap for L&D and other leading professionals to unlock the full potential of their teams, fostering a harmonious blend of personal fulfillment and business growth.

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Love @ Work

Is a groundbreaking program that addresses a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of workplace dynamics – love. It delves into the concept of love in the professional realm, separating it from romantic or sexual connotations. It emphasizes the importance of love as a fundamental human need, the highest form of psychological safety for employees and empathy in leaders. Loving leadership exponentially escalates a foundation of trust that fosters creativity, productivity, and profitability in the workplace.

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This training program is designed to help professionals transcend all distractions. Attendees will become Masters of productivity, and distractions will be in the far distant. Nothing will stop you. With a focus on Attention Mastery, participants will learn techniques to harness their focus amidst the noise of daily life. Managing Anxiety will equip individuals with tools to navigate stressors effectively, while Positive Psychology will foster a resilient mindset for sustained success. Through practices like Flow & Mindfulness, participants will enhance their ability to engage deeply with tasks, preventing burnout and promoting Post Traumatic Growth. Finally, emphasis on Rest & Recovery will ensure attendees maintain balance and vitality in both their professional and personal lives.

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Unlock Business Growth: Master Employee Engagement with Dr. Corrie Block’s Expert Strategies.

Dr. Corrie Block’s masterclasses are designed to empower leaders and organizations to thrive in disruptive times. His sessions offer actionable strategies to enhance employee engagement, streamline operations, and bolster the bottom line. With a focus on leveraging AI and digital transformation, Dr. Block equips participants to future-proof their organizations, ensuring they are prepared for the evolving landscape of industry 4.0. These bespoke workshops are ideal for leaders seeking to foster a culture of innovation and engagement within their teams.

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john sensei testimonial img

Corrie is a focused and dedicated individual who consistently inspires those around him. His work ethic is truly impressive, and he is a great role model for anyone looking to excel in their career. Working with him has been a pleasure, and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

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John Sanei, Keynote Speaker | 5x Best Selling Author
aamer sheikh testimonial img

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Corrie for any event requiring a dynamic and impactful motivational speaker.

At our recent leadership retreat “Dare to Dream,” he delivered a one-hour speech (sans notes), captivating and energizing the entire audience with impeccably relevant and original content. Dr. Corrie’s natural ability to connect, engage, and inspire was powerful, eliciting a spirited response from our 100+ attendees. The sincerity and expertise with which he communicates are genuinely transformative, leaving a lasting impression of motivation and unity on our team.

A truly remarkable speaker. Thank you Dr. Corrie for your time with us.

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Aamer Sheikh, Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo Middle East
justin james kennedy testimonial img

Corrie is a true visionary in the realm of meaningful work and an impressive Neuroplastician!

His passion for helping individuals find purpose in their professional lives is not only inspiring but also backed by impressive results. In a world where we spend a significant portion of our lives working, Corrie’s dedication to making that time meaningful is truly commendable.

He understands that when work is meaningful, it leads to greater happiness, improved health, and a longer life. His commitment to adding value to people’s lives through meaningful work is a testament to his character and the positive impact he seeks to create.

Corrie’s work has far-reaching effects. Companies with employees who find more meaning at work experience significantly better safety records, customer ratings, productivity, and profitability. His programs yield an impressive ROI of 814%, a clear indication of the transformative power of his approach.

I wholeheartedly recommend Corrie for his exceptional dedication to helping individuals and organizations find purpose and meaning in their work. His expertise and passion are evident in every facet of his work, making him a true leader in the field of meaningful work.

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Dr. Justin James Kennedy, TEDx Speaker | Behavioural Neuroscience Professor
richard steward testimonial img

I have had the privilege of working with Corrie as my coach for a while. He has provided me with invaluable advice, guidance, and tools, which I have used to make continuous, incremental improvements in my professional and personal life. We have covered many topics including health and wellness, productivity e.g. daily routines, networking.

He is also very knowledgeable and well connected in the MENA region, and I have been able to leverage that to build my regional network. As a CIO/CTO, this has enabled me to find more leaders who need tech leadership advisory or executive help.

Corrie is very responsive to his clients, and his style is clear, direct, and focussed, which I like.

I would definitely recommend Corrie to anyone who wants to accelerate their journey.

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Richard Steward, Founder & CEO, Value Mastered
marwa kaabuour testimonial img 1

Dr Corrie Block has been one of the most positve influencers in my career. I have been coached by Dr Corrier on multiple occassions and he has helped me achieve great clarity on my personal vision and future aspirations. With his support, Imanaged to achieve one of my life-long dreams of becoming a published author. I would highly recommend Dr Corrie for leadership training and personal development. He is also a great moderator and strategist.

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Marwa Kaabuour, International Best Selling Author | CMO
hamza taqi testimonial img

I was delighted to welcome Dr. Corrie as the opening keynote speaker for the ATD Summit 2023 in Kuwait recently. He has such a compelling speaking style, and easily engaged and challenged our packed house of L&D and HR professionals from across the GCC. His keynote, “Business is Personal: Driving Sustainable Impact Through Employee Engagement” was delivered without notes or slides, and yet was armed with powerful science and energizing stories that gave our audience practical and easily implementable tools for creating meaning at work that drives performance and profitability. Everyone learned from Dr. Corrie and enjoyed his philosophy on business. I believe now that business is truly personal. I look forward to working with him into our future events.

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Hamza Taqi, Master Performance Consultant
nicole murray testimonial img

It was with great pleasure we welcomed Dr. Corrie Jonn Block, PhD, DBA 🧠 to Atlantis Resorts this week, to run his #BusinessIsPersonal program for our leaders.

This thought provoking program provides an honest and insightful journey into human-centered leadership. You can expect to rediscover the very essence of who you are, the kind of person you intend to be, while also helping you establish new meaningful connections to the people in our lives, both personal and professional.

An overall powerful and life altering experience. This program enabled us as a team and a business, to truly connect to our mission, vision and values, leaving every leader to walk away from this program with a new profound sense of purpose in life.

Thank you again Corrie and we hope to welcome you back to Atlantis in the near future!

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Nicole Murray, Food and Beverage Training Manager, Atlantis Dubai
alberto araque testimonial img

Dr. Corrie is an exceptional top-tier executive coach. While working with him I was able to build more intentional and impactful relationships with difficult stakeholders, achieve every career goal I aspired to, and maintain healthy work-life balance in the process. His strategies for time and task management added several hours to my busy weeks and helped me to accomplish more with less time-cost and better focus. I highly recommend Dr. Corrie as a coach for any executive.

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Alberto Araque, CEO e& enterprise IOT & AI

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