There’s often a very thin line between a company that is failing and one that is simply experiencing a
temporary cash-flow shortage. Businesses do not fail overnight. Instead, there is usually a gradual and
decline that businesses might miss, particularly when they’re unaware of the symptoms of a failing business.

→ Turn your business around to profitability.

→ Reduce your operational costs and increase revenue WITHOUT cutting staff.

→ Implement AI and digital transformation.

Recognized as a corporate strategist by Forbes, Entrepreneur and CEO Magazine, leading business strategist Dr. Corrie Block has over two decades of experience and has worked on more than 150 companies, including the Council of Europe and World Bank, tech start-ups, multinationals and governments.

Corporate Strategist

A medium sized furniture factory was headed for bankruptcy when they found their new business strategy consultant. Dr. Corrie was able to improve their operating efficiencies, restructure their debt, and align their staff to a new corporate strategy. The result was a dramatic turnaround of the company back to operating profit within 6 months.

International Business Strategist

As an international business strategist, Dr. Corrie Block was called on to accelerate the business growth strategy of a group of family companies with 23 trade licenses across the whole of the GCC. As their in-house corporate strategist Dr. Corrie provided full governance restructuring, organizational restructuring, designed and implemented a new B2B ecommerce platform, and conducted their leadership training. The result was a radical transformation and professionalisation of the company, and added 11% to the balance sheet, in only 6 months.

Family Business Strategist

Dr. Corrie has consulted for some of the largest and most reputable family offices in the MENA region. In one such company, Dr. Corrie established the Group of Companies structure along with shared services, a new ownership structure, and new executive committee structure for a group of 8 companies across 4 countries. The family professionalised its operations and leadership function over a period of 1 year.


Dr. Corrie’s Process

Dr. Corrie is currently Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch School of Business (Switzerland). He is an expert on the world’s leading applications of strategic planning for business growth. He thereby has become one of the region’s leading business growth strategists.

Dr. Corrie has also owned and exited his own business strategy consulting firm. But something frustrated him about the way strategy and restructuring has been done in the strategy consulting industry. He didn’t like how strategy consultants commonly provide strategy and restructuring services and then leave their client companies, taking the strategy expertise and the transformation know-how with them when they leave. In an age of constant change and business transformation, this creates an unhealthy vacuum of transformation expertise in the client organization, and an unhealthy dependency on the strategy consultant.

So Dr. Corrie decided to re-invent the role of the Business Strategy Consultant.  

Step 1: Dr. Corrie goes into an organization as a business growth strategist or business strategy consultant, and instead of bringing his own team in, he works with internal teams of established leaders in the organization.

Step 2: He co-ordinates with internal leadership and trains them when necessary.

Step 3: He executes through existing capacity in the organization, and instils the values and competencies required for business growth strategy, corporate restructuring, organizational transformation, and digital transformation.

Step 4: When Dr. Corrie exits his client companies, he leaves the expertise behind in the existing staff, eliminating the dependency created by more traditional kinds of business strategy consulting. Since Dr. Corrie does not require his own team or office, this also reduces the cost to the organization for their business transformation strategy.

Step 5: Dr. Corrie follows up with his client companies to ensure that the corporate strategy or business growth strategy is being consistently reviewed and updated to meet with changing market demands.


  • Organizational strategy and purpose: Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Organizational governance
  • Professionalisation of management
  • Cost cutting and savings strategy
  • Mapping and alignment of job roles to organizational priorities
  • Alignment of policies and procedures to organizational strategy
  • Employee alignment to organizational purpose
  • Operational excellence

Dr. Corrie has worked as an international business strategist in over 30 countries across 3 continents, and in major multi-nationals like Microsoft and SERCO, regional powerhouses like Emirates airline and Al Masaood Group (UAE Trade License N. 001), government organizations like the Council of Europe, UAE Government, the World Bank, and the United Nations, as well as dozens of SMEs and start-ups.

A five-time successful business founder himself, Dr. Corrie Block is equal parts academic and practical corporate strategist, with a masters degrees in both Business Administration & Global Leadership, a Doctorate in Business Administration and a UK PhD.

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Success Story | Business Strategy

I came to Dr. Corrie as I was not sure what the future of automotive holds with autonomous vehicles coming into play. With his help, we completely re-evaluated the business and looked into how we can diversify our strategies and revenue streams to prepare for, what I believe, is an inevitable future of disruption.

Ifran Tansel


Why do you need business strategist?

You’re an expert in what you do, that’s true. But that means that your experience in other industries is probably limited. As a business strategist, Dr. Corrie will help you think through what you can and should be doing, the most effective way to do it, what it will cost you, and how profitable it will be. He does it with the wisdom and experience that comes from having built strategies for more than a hundred companies in industries ranging from oil & gas to luxury shoes, allowing for often more creative, innovative, and disruptive ideas.

How do you plan a business strategy?

Start with Why or your Purpose, or Vision, whatever you want to call it. You need to be clear about the problem that your company intends to solve and the value that it adds to the world. Next, clarify what you will and will not do while achieving your Vision, by writing your Mission statement. Then you can move on to Values, which describe the kinds of people you want in your economic community, and the kinds of decisions you will make as a team. Lastly, Goals define the milestones between where you are and where you want to be, like stepping stones that help you to know you’re heading in the right direction.

Why is business strategy important?

If you aim for nothing, you’ll certainly achieve it! Having a strategy is critical to your success because it clarifies where you will spend time and money, what kinds of products and services you will (or won’t) produce, and lays out an achievable roadmap to achieving your definition of success. Your story is important, but a story without strategy is just rhetoric, and a strategy without a story is just work.

What is the most important thing about business strategy?

Knowing your reasons for pursuing your strategy is the most important thing. Whether you call it your Vision, your Why statement, or your Purpose doesn’t matter. You must be clear about your motivation and intention for aligning yourself to a particular set of goals.
Also, make sure you’re working with someone that knows what they’re doing. There are thousands of fresh-grad MBA’s out there offering strategy consulting. But you’ll get what you pay for. Having a strategist with 4 post graduate degrees, that holds 2 university chairs in strategic

Why do you need to hire business strategy consultation?

For the same reason you hire an auditor for balancing your books, or a web designer to create your online presence. Strategy is a set of skills, it’s a practice that requires training, and is made stronger with experience. You might be the expert on your business, but a strategist is the expert on turning your amazing ideas into actionable initiatives with clear direction and focus.

Why is coaching important in business strategy?

All organizations are made up of people. And people are messy, and powerful, and creative, weird, fun, and sometimes make mistakes. Having a coach in the room when you’re working through your strategy is a critical key to separating the personal influence of each individual in the process from the collective voice of the company. Each person has an idea of where the company should go, the coach can help identify which ideas are individual and which are collective.