Empowering Your Workplace with Love @ Work: Understanding the Impact and Leading the Change

What You can Expect

  • Understand why love is excluded from workplace conversation;
  • Learn the history and meaning of professional distance;
  • Define what it means to love, and to be loved, in the workplace;
  • Learn to apply love at work and loving leadership;
  • Clearly define between love and romance;
  • Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion are just the beginning of love at work;
  • Learn how to truly hear others around you;
  • Help others around you to feel understood;
  • Recognize when you are valued;
  • Actively pursue loving relationships with your colleagues and employees.


Did you know that 45% of American workers declare love for their jobs? However, loving the work itself is only the tip of the iceberg. True workplace fulfillment goes beyond tasks; it’s about forging profound connections, feeling valued, and deeply appreciated by those you work with every day.




Love@Work challenges the norms of our professional environments, where the most powerful human connection, love, is often conspicuously absent.

Love@Work is more than just a concept; it’s a movement.

This book demystifies the process that leads an employee through the stages of feeling heard, understood, valued, and loved in the workplace.

It highlights the benefits to the organization along each step, and lays out a blueprint for organizational leaders to follow in order to curate the experience of Love @ Work for themselves and their teams.

Dr. Block’s perspective is not limited to theoretical concepts but extends to practical implementation.

His journey as an expert in Business Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Leadership uniquely positions him to lead discussions on this innovative concept.

Dr. Block believes in the transformative power of love in the workplace and aims to explore how embracing this connection can reshape organizational culture, leadership, employee engagement, and redefine success.

Dr. Block’s vision for this topic is to inspire, provoke thought, and initiate meaningful change in workplaces across the globe.

“If you want to excel in leadership, don’t follow me, follow the science.” – Dr. Corrie Block



Dr. Corrie Block is an internationally recognized speaker, top-tier Executive Coach, and a world leading expert in Business Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Leadership. He is the Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch Business School in Switzerland and a Certified Master Neuroplastician with over 25 years’ experience working on more than 150 companies.