Spartan CEO

Six Pillars of Executive Performance to unlock your career advancement trajectory and resolve your income limitations in just 4 hours.

What is a Spartan CEO?

A Spartan CEO, as depicted in Dr. Corrie Block’s book, is a resilient and strategic leader who combines the determination and discipline of ancient Spartans with ethical leadership and innovative thinking. They excel in guiding their teams through challenges, fostering adaptability, and making decisions for sustainable success, embodying strength, vision, and integrity in their leadership approach.

This book is aimed for

Spartan CEO by Dr. Corrie Block merges ancient wisdom with contemporary leadership strategies, offering executives a blueprint for resilience, innovation, and ethical governance. This book helps you:

  • Unleash Leadership Excellence
  • Build Strategic Resilience
  • Fosters Innovation and Adaptability
  • Empowers Team Dynamics
  • Informs Ethical Decision-Making
  • Articulate Long-Term Vision

This book will teach you

This tested strategy and framework will provide you with the necessary tools to:

  • Earn more money at work (high level managers earn 265x the average salary)
  • Bust through the invisible ceiling of advancement opportunities in your career
  • Become addicted to high performance behaviors
  • Brain-hack your confidence levels in any situation or context
  • Practice mindfulness to optimize your overall performance at work
  • Master your flow state to achieve 500% better productivity in complex tasks
  • Achieve a 57% higher market-over-asset value by changing one simple behavior
  • Curate competition that drives your self-development

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Spartan CEO

Executive compensation has grown by 940% since 1978, and yet the number of CEO positions has declined by 25% and is expected to decline by another 5% over the next 8 years. That means there are fewer high level management positions, and they are more lucrative than ever.

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Corrie’s unique approach

Dr. Corrie Block is a globally acclaimed business strategist, and the celebrated author of several books including Love@Work, Business is Personal, and Spartan CEO.

Having started out as a serial entrepreneur, failing forward, and overcoming bankruptcy (twice), his aim is to help millions of people find meaning at work, and connect their personal purpose to their daily attitudes and behaviours, in order to lead people to change their lives and live their dreams.